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Tank LocatingAn oil tank search can provide you with guaranteed peace of mind

Could there be a hidden underground oil tank buried on your property? Whether buying or selling a home, a tank search provides you with guaranteed peace of mind. Want to know whether a tank search is called for in your circumstances? Read more…

Oil Tank RemovalTrust our certified oil tank removal and closure services

We are one of the most frequently recommended and reputable contractors for oil tank removal and closure on the Jersey Shore. Read more…

Soil TestingWhether buying or selling real estate, you can rely on our soil testing services to provide needed assurance

Whenever an oil tank is closed in place, soil testing should be a part of that process. Want to know why a written soil test report is a good idea when selling or buying such a home? Read more…,

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Our family-owned business has been proudly serving the New Jersey shore area since 1922. The current owners, Charles J. Hoffmann Jr. & Son, welcome you to learn more about our company…

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