Even a properly closed underground oil tank may have had pinhole leaks that could have gone undetected at the time of closing. Unless soil testing was done at that time, contamination may exist. Our soil testing service provides homeowners and home-buyers with peace of mind, and a certified report as to the condition of the soil.


How and when can the testing be performed?


In all cases our qualified professional technicians are able to reliably perform this testing without requiring access to the interior of your home. Therefore, it is not necessary for you, the homeowner to be present when the testing is performed. As such, no appointment is normally required. Therefore, for fastest service, we strongly recommend that you simply allow us to send the next available technician we will have in your area to perform the tank search as promptly as possible.


Of course, if you still require that we make a specific appointment with you to do the search, we will do our best to accomodate you. In that case, select one of the apointment options below, and someone will be in touch with you to confirm a specific date and time.

Is this service reimbursable in any way?



Please note: scheduling of appointments for tank searches does impact our ability to efficiently serve our other customers, and we therefore must charge an additional fee if you require a scheduled appointment for these services. The fee will be added when you select one of the scheduling options, below.

Soil Testing

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