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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a tank search work?

We use modern equipment and non-invasive methods to reliably locate an underground tank if one exists. Access to the home is not necessary to perform this search.

Should the soil around a buried oil tank be tested?

If you are buying or selling a home with an underground oil tank that has been taken out of service, and no previous test has been done, then yes. To learn why, read more about soil testing.

Is government funding available to help with closing/removal of my underground tank?

Very often, the answer is yes. For your convenience, we have provided a section covering general information about grant money. If you should have further questions, please contact the NJEDA Customer Support Administrator at 1-609-777-4898.

I have a service agreement/"insurance" with my heating oil provider. Do I still need homeowner's tank insurance?

Most often, the answer is yes. These types of contracts with providers are "service agreements", not insurance. To learn more, see the other issues listed in this section, as well as our information about tank insurance.

What kinds of issues are some people having with these "service agreements"?

There are many issues; we have listed several more here in this FAQ section. But the first issue to point out is the misunderstanding of the document itself. It is a "Service Agreement" not an "Insurance Policy" Look for yourself, You will not find the word "insurance" anywhere in the document.

Is it true that if you want to voluntarily remove your tank that you must "stay with oil for a year" if you have one of these "service agreements"?

Yes, as ridiculous as it sounds, it's true. Although the #1 reason people remove their oil tanks is to convert to natural gas, the service agreement states that you must stay with oil for another year. You then get stuck and must pay to have an aboveground tank installed. (But see below…)


Is it true that you have to pay an additional $500.00 just to have someone watch the tank removal contractor remove your tank if you have one of these "service agreements"?

Yes, it’s true! As ridiculous as it sounds, although you are responsible for the total cost of the actual tank removal they make you pay them an additional $500.00. Read the fine print of the agreement. (But see below…)

Can I avoid unnecessary fees or problems with other ridiculous terms and conditions of one of these "service agreements"

The Answer is ABSOLUTELY YES!!! Just contact us to discuss your particular situation.

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